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Age group "Speed Demons" fastest around the bases at the Winter Baseball Clinic. Rewards for different accomplishments help to motivate young athletes
Proper Instructing and Coaching
Training and Motivating
Rewarding Accomplishments
"Flamethrower T-Shirts are rewarded to the fastest throwing players in each of 7 age groups. A 14 week arm strength program helped these boys put a couple MPH on their fastballs. Speeds are indicated on each of their shirts.
"Speed Demon" shirts were earned. These boys worked on speed, strength and quickness during all 14 weeks of the Winter Baseball Clinic. It was a very important part of the clinic.
Bat speed and rotational strength were stressed during all hitting drills at the clinic. Boys were rewarded for Home Runs (Morie).
"King of the Cage" rewards for players in each age group showing some serious hitting power
B) Training and Motivating- A proper training program includes all facets of fitness for example flexibility, speed, agility, quickness, endurance, strength, power, etc., along with proper motivation to work hard. Many coaches know how to coach a particular sport but how much training have they had in making a young athlete faster, stronger or more flexible? Coaches these days have little time to work with their teams and want to work on the specific sport at hand because they simply do not have that extra time or knowledge to train for physical improvements.
C) Rewarding Accomplishments- We have found that praising athletes and using positive reinforcement works wonders but when combined with a proper reward system amazing results happen. We have developed a reward system to motivate young athletes and reward specific accomplishments. Depending on what the goal is we design a milestone reward for it. If we are working toward improving speed for instance, we will reward certain milestones such as a 40 yard time or a 100 meter time along the way. Below are a couple examples from our Winter Baseball Clinic.
For questions or additional information please contact Mike Duffy at Mike Duffy's Personal Training 732-530-4066 (Little Silver) or 732-263-0202 (Oakhurst)
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Give Your Child The Ultimate Edge
Youth Conditioning Program
Open to 8-16 year olds
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This program is right for your child if:

  • You want your child to gain an understanding about the role that fitness and nutrition should play in their lives
  • You believe that your child may not currently be getting as much movement and strength activity and perhaps they have also picked up some bad eating habits
  • Your child plays competitive or travel sports and you realize that they need to be better able to dominate their physical space and be better able to manage their sports movement and strength requirements
  • Your child plays competitive or travel sports and you realize that most if not all of your sports dollars are being spent on skills and tactics and virtually no attention and investment is being put toward physical training

Most top athletes and coaches know the following:

“There is no substitute for strength and no excuse for the lack of it.”

or "Speed Kills"

Program Features:

  • Sessions run by Certified Trainers and/or Experienced Coaches
  • Full body training and workout
  • Offered locally at (Mike Duffy's Personal Training, Little Silver, Oakhurst)
  • Youth Nutritional Manual
  • Age and level appropriate programming.

What to Bring;

  • Water bottle
  • A great attitude
  • Wear comfortable athletic clothing; sneakers.
  • Towels and Spring water for refills provided
"I wanted to say thank you for starting this program and making it affordable. The school tests the kid's physical abilities and ranks them accordingly.  They can place at a participation level, national or presidential (highest).  My son & daughter have both placed presidential. They had to do so many pull ups, sit ups and other exercises.  I am so impressed. Thanks again!" KQ, Shrewsbury, NJ 3/27/15
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In addition to receiving our Youth Nutrition Manual, this program involves 3 main factors:

A) Proper Instructing and Coaching- It is vitally important that children are instructed and coached properly in the beginning of their athletic careers. Doing so will instill safety and proper motor patterns and increase the chance for success in the future. It is much easier to teach a proper motor pattern such as running than to retrain someone who learned incorrectly, that is a long tedious process.

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Limited Spots Available Register Today!
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Mike Duffy’s Personal Training has enjoyed for many years the privilege to train and inspire many Monmouth and Ocean county parents in fitness and nutrition. We have also worked with many children through our Winter Baseball Clinic, Summer Baseball Camp, Youth Soccer Conditioning Programs and Youth Conditioning Program as well as working individually with many other young athletes. Our Youth Conditioning Program is geared for boys and girls ages 8-16 covering age appropriate strength training, stretching, speed, movement, agility, quickness and nutrition.

Days & Times & Location: 

Mondays and Wednesdays 5:00pm-6:00pm

Mike Duffy's Personal Training Little Silver

Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00pm-6:00pm

Mike Duffy's Personal Training Oakhurst

Cost & Dates:


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